FERDANT organic fertilizer is the product of 20 years research into organic chemistry, soil science and fertilizer function.

FERDANT is produced using patented GreenGlove accelerated compost technology.

Regular organic fertilizers and composts are low in nutrients and organic carbon as essential nutrients are lost to the atmosphere as carbon dioxide (CO2), ammonia (NH3) and methane (CH4).

FERDANT is a complete ecological solution which retains all nutrients and organic carbon to achieve an abundantly rich dark fertilizer.

Organic Matter (OM) content is the most important component in selecting an organic fertilizer.

Organic Matter introduced to soils promotes life and vitality, allowing for nature to create the perfect environment for plants to thrive.

Suitable for all soils and applications.

Ferdant will deliver growth, immunity and sustainability to meet all your growing needs.

Our Mission

To recover valuable nutrients and resources, return vitality to soils, return control to farmers, superintendents and home gardeners. Return life to the earth.